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  1. I'd say it would actually be building on the original if it wasn't being so, I don't know, smug about the whole thing. The Whispers reek of someone feeling smart about themselves while not being that smart about it. It would help if they were subtle but every time they appear, it's a big production.
  2. KingK actually feels similar to me in that regard. It was this guy named Nerrel I think that basically pointed to every change and his reasoning was “the original was good so this is bad”. KingK’s opinions I feel are always very balanced, so even if he dislikes a mechanic, it doesn’t feel quite so... blah

    For FFVII, I feel it’s one of those remakes that isn’t really made with the intention of replacing the original, but building on it, which I honestly respect a lot. I’m just hoping I can get a console to play it on in the relatively near future. Or that my PC can run it once it inevitably comes to Steam.
  3. I bet it was the KingK you were watching. He's got a strange opinion on the series and if he hates a mechanic, it ruins the whole experience for him. His Dark Souls videos are kind of in the same boat.

    The Remake has been interesting, and there are certainly some good merits to it. I don't think it's going to usurp the original for me anytime soon. A lot of the good in the game is often attached to some of the negatives. Like I enjoy the better customization system, but I'm not a fan of the combat in general. Some of the character expansions are nice, but the game's pacing is off and too many sequences over stay their welcome. Some of the new story elements are good, but the Whispers feel too contrived and their inclusion always happening when things go off rails hurts the overall story. I also feel like Sephy is getting way too much screen time and I prefer how the original had him as this background entity. So it's been a real mixed bag.

    I feel the OST is appropriate for the game, but I am not a big fan of the arrangements. The heavy orchestration and stripping away of the synth elements have downplayed the originals cyberpunk vibe. Midgar feels a bit off because of it.
  4. I’ve recently rewatched this video of this one guy basically trashing all the changes to the 3D remake and I just can’t agree with anything he says anymore. The remake feels like an improvement in all respects and I’ve been enjoying myself way more than with the original game. Of course, some of it may have to do with going in guideless this time, but I honestly just feel the experience is so much better now.

    Glad to see you seem to be enjoying the FFVII Remake so far, by the way
  5. Yeah, the bosses were not a high point in this entry originally. Except for Majora and the Undead King.
  6. Not doable now since they added those eye weak points. People complain about them but I like them. I feel Zelda bosses are supposed to be puzzles. The original incarnation of Odalwa was pretty dumb imo with how you could just wail on it with everything you had
  7. Damn straight, though I find it hilarious that I never used it properly in the boss fight for his dungeon. I just sniped the boss with arrows every time it passed by.
  8. Goron Link is best Link.
  9. Oh believe me, I completely agree. I disliked the Zora form and the dungeons associated with mainly for the swimming being terrible in general.
  10. So I’m not big on the Zora Mask. And this is not the issue of them nerfing the form since I actually consider the slower swimming speed an improvement as I used to hit every wall in the original version. I’m just not a fan of swimming in these games, at all. It’s honestly a wonder that I love the Cistern so much
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