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  1. Nupe It's about a specific subculture which is pretty dominant here - "dresy" (literally translated as tracksuits because, you know, that's what they wear all the time). They're basically a bunch of low lives who only drink and don't care about education or anything. The main story is about the girl (a female dres) who was supposed to take the decorations off her Christmas tree, but first she went to buy bread. She went to her favorite store because they give you stickers and when you get enough of those you get a stuffed animal. On the way there she always sees this guy watching her and when she talks to him her tongue gets tied in knots and her legs shake - she's in love, you see but he tells her his mom (who used to be wasted all the time) bakes get own bread, but she can't bake anymore because she's dying, so he wants to sell her the bread machine. So she buys it, probably to impress him. Then she bakes a lot - she made bread walls, chairs. She baked so much, in fact, that she now cries breadcrumbs instead of tears. So I'm guessing it's how these guys are momma's boys and girls can't love up to their standards, but they try anyway because they're desperate for their attention? I don't know. And then there's all this simple-mindedness to it.
  2. I'll take a stab, is is parodying Putin, Russia, and Poland wanting to be more assertive?
  3. It's even more amusing when you know the subject it's satirizing. It's very Polish.
  4. That video was for more amusing than it should be.
  5. So some people around here have been asking me what Polish sounds like. I reply with this:

  6. Well there's always travel. Can't say you know what a place is like until you've visited it.
  7. That's true. Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't stay and do a PhD, but then I figure I'm not cut out for it and my grades probably wouldn't even let me do that. Still, I want to keep seeing the world unfold before my eyes.
  8. That's what the internet and book stores are for. I took a break from school after I got my associates degree but still scrounged up all the info I could get on topics I was interested in. The real challenge is staying open to learning about things you might not think you're interested in.
  9. Yeah, I get ya. There's so much I would love to keep studying, I really feel like university has opened up my world a whole lot. But I still don't have a job and I can't keep at it forever. It was fun while it lasted, but I'm still hopeful for the future and expect real adult life to be interesting in its own way. I just hope I can never stop learning.
  10. I'm looking forward to finally graduating and be done with all this nonsense. I love school but I'm also the type who would be a student for life if given the choice. Still, it will be good to finally be out of the system again and just focus on work and my other interest.
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