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  1. No I agree, I just feel people focus more on the creepy factor which is not helped by the N64 graphics being pretty... well genuinely creepy in their low grade quality.
  2. So I've been way more hooked on Majora's Mask than I expected. I'm enjoying it much more this time and am honestly having such a hard time putting the game down. But there's one more interesting thing I'm noticing. So MM has a reputation online for being the creepy, depressing, cynical Zelda, but like, that's not exactly the vibe I'm getting. Sure, the subject matter is dark, there is a lot of grief and sadness, frustration and anguish and the atmosphere is oppressive but... am I the only person that feels that the main theme of this game is hope? It's about overcoming the darkness where you can and accepting your fate where you can't, knowing that in the end it will all be alright, one way or another. There's the obvious one with Link doing his best to stop the moon from falling, which seems impossible, especially with the ticking timer, but he goes out and does that anyway, even though he loses a lot of the progress he makes and slowly but surely makes his way there. It's evident in the sidequests, where people are at their darkest hour, but Link can help them either make things better or just move on. Sure, you could say it's cynical because it resets, but then at the end, when you get the golden ending, all the good changes you make stick.

    I think the fact that the main new song in the game is called the Song of Healing embodies it the best. It sounds incredibly haunting, one might feel it's even depressing at first, but there is something very comforting about it, especially given when it's played. You bring solace to those who suffer. You soothe their wounds and reassure them that everything is going to be all right. And in the end the apocalypse is averted and everything is alright. It's about overcoming trauma, even though it often keeps coming back, and the importance of hope in all of that. It's about healing your soul, so to speak.
  3. That's great! I still need to finish my NG+ for it, but I may be resisting cause I love the Normal ending better than the Golden ending.
  4. Welp I got it to work! I’ve decided I’ll probably finish Type-0 first though
  5. Hopefully you'll get it working. I've been meaning to replay VI using this really cool custom mod that gives the GBA translation to the original game. I may jump into it when I finish FFV. I need to get back to my Let's Play.
  6. I have played MM before, so I know what you mean about the dungeons. However, last time I used a guide for all the heart pieces, so this time I’m trying to go completely guide-free and just enjoy the looped day to day life in Termina and just get everything I need in my own. We’ll see how that goes, but I already enjoy it more. I do like the changes made to the remake so far.

    And yeah, lol, cool coincidence. I’m of course very jelly because I really need to play the remake already. In the meantime I really need to figure out why this translation mod is not working :/
  7. No worries man, I've got other drama to attend to in RL so take your time.

    I should get back to my playthrough, I was on my way to Death Mountain when something else caught my interest. Though I agree the Fire Temple is a slog. I always dread it in every playthrough just because it's unnecessarily tedious.

    Have fun with Majora's Mask, it's a strange if interesting experience. I kind of hate the dungeons a little more in that entry but I think it's due to the timer and busy work within them. They were practically designed to chew up the clock. I feel the day to day stuff in Termina is the real fun part of the game for me.

    The funny thing about being gifted FFVII, is that my GF picked VIIR for me. She's been having a lot of fun with the remake despite never playing the original. Don't know when I'll get a chance to see her and get the gift but I think it's amusing we were both gifted VII recently.
  8. I’ll probably get to your thing in the next couple of days since it’s a long weekend here. So stay tuned!

    In the meantime, I’ve finished Master Quest. Spirit Temple was indeed very cool, though I still personally prefer Forest. Fire Temple was the absolute worst however. I was stuck in it for days and overall it just wasn’t very pleasant, especially since we already had a fire dungeon not that long ago. Started Majora’s Mask soon after and boy, did they make it pretty! I don’t know what they did but it looks much nicer than OoT, despite the original feeling significantly less polished than OoT.

    I also got gifted FFVII in Steam lol. Still waiting for SE to activate my stupid SE account, but I’m thinking of giving it a whirl using a translation mod. We’ll see if a reworked translation can make the latter half of the game better.
  9. True, though he still tends to not review them as much unless it's a slow period.
  10. I mean, it’s true. But he has absolutely mellowed out in recent years when it comes to JRPGs.
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