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  1. Honestly, I found his review for Animal Crossing more amusing.
  2. Yeah I already watched it. It was fun.
  3. Yeah that’s definitely something to be admired about him. But it’s also so frustrating

    Bye, Yahtzee’s review of FFVIIR is up on the Escapist website and it’s amusing as usual. Though not quite as subversive as you’d expected
  4. You need to read the Kojima x Matsuno interview. I mean Kojima is going off on artistry and stuff and Matsuno is like, "well I'm a business man first, so I check the market to see if it will succeed first before going along with the plan". He's really humble and quick to cite how awesome his team is and how his games would never succeed without them.
  5. Dude writes Song of Ice and Fire-level plots and treats them like it’s nothing. Talk about a power move.
  6. Yeah it's really amusing, he dodges the plot element as well in his interviews about Tactics Ogre as well.
  7. Yeah. Imagine making something to be widely considered one of the best plots in FF and you’re like “honestly I would rather have worked on the battle mechanics”
  8. Very true, I think the more amusing thing I learned was how much he hates writing the plots.
  9. On the other hand, considering the level of attention to detail in his games, it does make perfect sense that he'd have this approach.
  10. Yeah, Matsuno is very different than I had imagined he would be. There is another interview with him on that website that he does with Hideo Kojima after Vagrant Story was done and it's pretty interesting to see how similar they are in interests but radically different people in personality.
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