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  1. I feel you. I'm still on the querying stage of my novel. just got my 19th rejection! Woo
  2. I know, but my mood ha been all over the place so I've been having an issue sticking to one story. I've been juggling like three stories at the moment, and none of them can hold my interest for long.
  3. It's NaNo though! You gotta be writing!
  4. Okay. I'm a little tired. I got a promotion at work and that's been good, if a little stressful. Other than that, I'm just trying to get into a routine so I can start writing again.
  5. Yeah i'm really excited about it Hows things going for you?
  6. Ooh Congrats!
  7. I'm alright. 19 weeks preggo? Surprise! lol
  8. By all means. How are you doing?
  9. do you mind if i promote that XVI thread of yours you wrote a bunch up and I'm lazy lol
  10. Found it when I googled FFIX Happy Birthday!
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