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  1. No problem, thanks for the heads up
  2. Soz bud, I'm not feeling up to Mafia just now!
  3. Hey, Shauna, would you like to join my mafia game?
  4. Not sure if I recall correctly, but you play a tank in FFXIV, right? This is the first time we'll be playing a proper MMO so I was wondering what the benefits does the Paladin has over a Warrior, which one is better for beginners, etc. Have any advice?
  5. Thank you!
  7. Mr. Carny moved the plot forward and I wrote something involving Sabiel. I tried to make her as in-character as possible, while trying to give us a way to get the plot going, but if I messed up anything at all, just let me know.
  8. It is great! :}
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