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  1. It is a little strange that they let you date adults in this one though. Japan can be weird sometimes.
  2. Good thing I'm not really a teenager. I just play one on my tv.
  3. Not a free pass to drug teenagers
  4. But she saved a kid!
  5. Wow what a terrible person
  6. Yup. There's a possibility she may have drugged me to be fair.
  7. Which one is Takemi? Creepy doc lady who tests oit experimental drugs on teenagers?
  8. After all my wondering who I'd romance the moment hit and I went with Takemi. Makoto next time maybe.

    Haru seems cool by the way. I like me a surprisingly strong woman with a battle axe and a grenade launcher.
  9. I've barely even spoken to chihaya and don't have haru yet. I was originally thinking Ann because she's kind of nice, but then makoto came along.
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