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  1. Just be sure to carefully write down the password, other than that, nothing to worry about. I think the only things that transfer are the upgraded sword and the rings you've acquired. I haven't started my own transfer, so I'm fuzzy on details.
  2. Ok so I’m nearing the end of Oracle of Ages. Anything I need to particularly look out for in terms of data transfer, or do I just do the link thing at the start of Seasons?
  3. It's not too bad in this one, but I agree that I generally dislike RNG drops.
  4. Gacha mechanics are the bane of my existence
  5. I lucked out with both in Seasons. I got the one off of Maple fairly early in the game and lucked out towards the end with the Tree growing one.
  6. I’ve off two heart pieces left to collect, and it’s the random ones...
  7. Okay, no worries.
  8. I basically just don’t know how to make higher tier spells become available, but I can’t remember the details. I’ll let you know once I restart the game and have to deal with it all over again
  9. Also, I'm curious to know what you don't understand about magic in Romancing SaGa 2?
  10. Its attached to the Chain of Deals quest in both games. The only difference is that in Seasons, the reward is the proper instructions to reach the sword, so if you know it, you can skip the quest. Ages requires you do the full CoD to get it.
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