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  1. Huh, I wouldn't have thought that it would make a difference if you used the perks during free trial period. Seems a bit skeevy. Ah well, sorry it didn't work.
  2. It did. I bought something during the free trial so that's likely why the $9.99 was charged despite my ending it before the renewal. I didn't fully understand that before. I'm used to them not charging you until after the free trial is up.

  3. It has been years since I made the same mistake you did. Hopefully Amazon UK doesn't have different rules...

    A quick Google search revealed this here!

    Hopefully that'll help. :}
  4. (Assuming you are talking about Amazon Prime) If you haven't used any of the perks since the time the money was charged, you should be able to claim it back.
    Didn't want to derail the thread with this. Do you have more information on how?
  5. No problem. It's a pretty useful tool once you work it all out!
  6. Thanks for telling me about OBS, works great. Wish I had it back when I was reviewing Fallout.
  7. How many things can you destroy with your new laser breath?
  8. It's a new laser breath. It's pretty snazzy!
  9. You look different. New haircut?
  10. Yes. I sent you a friend request.
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