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  1. Two of my colleagues have done just that. One's moved to Colombia and the other just sold his house and is moving to Costa Rica.

    It's not a bad idea haha.
  2. Yeah I hear you, drive me nuts. PSN and Discord is pretty much my only online social activity these days

    Thats a good question! I've actually been considering moving somewhere recently, although not sure where yet. I'd quite like to get a well paid remote working job and then move somewhere cheap Live the dream and move to Costa Rica
  3. Yeah, I think it was an old facebook pic, but those days are long gone. I'm off all the social media; cancerous platforms.

    Where in the world are you now, by the way?
  4. I can't, he's the one who posted it not me

    I also don't know where your drag picture is anymore

    life has no meaning
  5. Man, that sucks. I can understand what he was thinking, but the world has truly been deprived.

    Find the thread and edit your post xD
  6. I was supposed to write a speech for one of them and I put in mad effort to build up to it and the big finale was the reveal of your drag picture and it would have been great, but then lonny bob had somehow been in contact with someone from Squenix and was convinced that this FF ciddies was going to go mainstream so he decided to switch it to this picture of Kuja which had already appeared in the ciddies to appeal to people outside the effoff bubble. it completely derailed the whole thing because the shock value was the punchline.

    the best part was that we actually had a full on war for like 45 minutes and the event went on pause because we were raging at each other in PM's while this was going on xD I have never forgiven him for depriving the world of your beautiful form
  7. I have absolutely no memory of this whatsoever, and that saddens me because this sounds smurfing hilarious. xD

    Was there a reason for replacing my amazing pic?
  8. I'm still salty about the time lonny bob replaced your drag picture with a picture of Kuja in those random FF ciddies
  9. LAD.
  10. Wait. Renewable mischief.

    smurf, I'm high off my tits.
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