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  1. Oooh cool! I’ll take a look at it once I’m back from my vacation. Trying to take a break from media for a while too But yeah, thanks!
  2. Found this in my youtube feed and felt you would enjoy it as well.

  3. Lol, I'm oddly closer to the nature part of my city than most people, the benefit of living more in the mountains than the city. Though I oddly find the city life relaxing. Among my peers, I tend to be the most at ease in the city, but I imagine it's because it plays up to my dysfunctional interpersonal skills.

    I hope the vacation does you well. We could all do with a little less stress and I'm sure parenthood is not making it easier. Hopefully the trip will ease your worries and get those creative drives going again.
  4. Yeah... I recently learned chronic stress actually impairs the development of your brain cells. Not that we’re getting stupider because of it but just... meh all around Also, don’t know how much that’ll help you, but it’s been proven that people feel better if they are in touch with nature more often, which is something I definitely plan to do during my vacation. We just weren’t meant for being cooped up in cities.

    The most important thing is you have the drive to change these things around, and imo that’s the important part. You’ll get there
  5. It sounds to me like you're getting closer to your goal of going freelance at least. I think the real issue for me is that I need to really just get my priorities more straight and spend more time on the things I find fulfilling rather than the things that make me feel good. That and I just need to finally reduce the stressors in my life more actively.
  6. Man, tell me about it. I feel that's a general problem in adult life, and I'm slowly learning to just accept that.

    BUt maybe I'm in denial. I'm still really hoping this is a tough moment, but things will get a bit more relaxed. But in case it doesn't I just hope I can learn how to cope somehow.

    I know that, for me personally (other than actually being able to live off of writing creatively, which is the end goal), I currently want to do everything in my power to go full freelance, For that I'd need more clients and to earn their trust but, slowly but surely, I am getting there an earning more money from extra jobs every month. So I hope this'll keep up and once I reach a certain level, I'll be able to slow down a little bit.
  7. I really need to take a break myself, or at least learn how to relax a little more.
  8. Thanks. Yeah, I feel I really need it
  9. Glad to hear you'll be having a vacation soon. Give yourself a bit of a break. Hopefully you'll have a chance to sit down and write some more.
  10. Slowly. Had to prioritize writing for money right now, but I do intend to finish that short soon and then move right back into the novel proper. I have a two-week vacation coming up and though I’ll be spending most of it at my parents’, I hope I can get stuff done

    Great to hear about your Halloween project! I still have no idea what to write, though I usually come up with an idea at the last second. Wonder what turnout we’ll have this year
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