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  1. I get what it's like to have a series like that. The Big O is one of those for me though most people never heard of it are actively hate it for its non-endings. Great OST as well for both seasons.
  2. I think Noir is a very special anime. It has no overly deep story but it gives me a special feeling the way they present Kirika and I really like the whole colour palette. Canta per Me is truly a great contributor to all of this for me. It has this tragic and yet so beautiful element to it. And I think that is kinda what woulld describe Noir for me as well. Kinda like the Park in Nier Automata. Its visuals and music are also "amazement and tragedy" for me. HUH! NOIR. NIER. And Kirika is nothing special when it comes to one thing. She has the same "surprise" as Battosai, Train Hearnett and Vash the Stampede which is the "oh my god, there is this other side that even to an extent seems like a seperate person" thing but I still like her and feel sorry for her. I think the anime should have gotten more episodes or have a manga that extends it. But it is a very special thing being anime only even to this day. Never started as manga, never got one.

    I sometimes silently sung and/or hummed Canta per Me before and I think also during exams in university. It kinda calmed me as it is a special song for me.
  3. Oh yeah, I remember Noir, though I feel her soundtrack was the best part of it. I picked up her Fiction album to get some of the tracks from that OST as well as .hack:Signs.
  4. Since you are fond of Kajiura-san, do you know Noir?

  5. Over-analyzing things simply takes me back to my Evangelion fanboy days.
  6. Just my neuroticism with overanalysing things.
  7. Yeah, he probably just figured it was too weird to have the player call Crono by her first name. Sorry you obsessed over the translation though.
  8. Maybe the translator thought it seemed unpersonal since you are C(h)rono and would not call her by her name. But that saved me some hours not to lament about how she probably was meant as Jina ... damnit, I still did.
  9. That's interesting they kept her name in the Japanese version but not in the English. Especially since it could have easily been changed to Gina.
  10. God, I am so stupid! I read Jina's name in that guide but have the Japanese version in my shelf but did not remember that the game actually uses the name! Well, still no answer to "is it Jina with J for us foreigners intended?" (but I still think it is) but it shows that I definitely have not played the original often enough for my taste. NOW of course some "huh, seems familiar" rings.

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