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  1. Well most of the monster designs are lifted from FFV, but yeah, you can tell Tabata was channeling VI for parts of this game.
  2. It’s true. And it’s great. It doesn’t feel too indulgent but it does make XV very much connected to its roots. This is another aspect of it that really brings XII to mind, since it’s not an outright tribute like IX was, but it’s also not totally distancing itself like XIII. I do feel V is getting particular attention here, what with the track I linked, the Garula, as well as some architectural details. Of course, these references have nothing on the VI references, but that’s kind of to be expected with Tabata
  3. There are lots of little references and stuff throughout the game. I feel it will be years before fans really uncover all of the hidden references throughout the game.
  4. Yeah it’s the V battle theme. There’s even a bit of the main theme in there too. Neat that they added this for the Omega battle in particular.
  5. It sounds like they mixed in FFV's battle theme, or perhaps it's one from VI? It is very familiar.
  6. Yeah it’s clear those work better for a band. Though I’d still argue they’d be just as good played by an orchestra if arranged better. But I guess it doesn’t really matter in the end since the game uses midi anyway

    Anyway, I’ve been looking through the FFXV Royal Edition ost and found something very interesting. Let me know if you get what I mean, it doesn’t become clear until about a minute in

  7. Hamazu certainly seems to rub me the wrong way for some reason. Though I do feel his work with SaGa has been his best that I've listened to. I think one other issue I have with his style is that I just don't feel like he's found a series it works for. His works are good, but they just never fit with the content they accompany.

    Kenji Ito's work doesn't sound bad as orchestral, but I feel it's so obvious they're written for a specific style of instrumentation that listening to them in with a different one just doesn't sound right. I have a similar issue with Uematsu's Those Who Fight On. If it isn't wearing it's rock styling on its sleeves, it doesn't sound right to me. Like the orchestral arrangements are not bad, I just have more of a preference.


    Rock Band

  8. Sounds like Hamauzu is just not your style and that’s perfectly understandable - I’m not gonna try and convince you that you’re wrong since that would be ridiculous :P But yeah I can see how his style could clash with the expectations set with the other titles. He’s a unique sounding composer but that means he won’t fit in everywhere. Ito and Uematsu blend much better together in that regard.

    And I wouldn’t necessarily denounce TWEWY as a fluke - that was just a game where he had the opportunity to really capitalize on his strengths. Anything orchestral done by Ishimoto will always sound really off because he really doesn’t know what to do with the instruments and he pretty much just layers the harmonies in the same way you would with electronic music. He’s really great at electronic sounds. But somewhere along the lines someone must have told him one of his more orchestral pieces was good or something an now he insists in on torturing me with those and I wanna die. I haven’t even played KH3 but I know that game deserves a better final battle theme than that. Any game deserves better than that.

    Also, back on topic, I do feel pretty much any video game track can work for a live ensemble, a rock band, or even a solo piano piece - it’s all in how good the arranger is. Idk this may be weird but despite my general disappointment with he FFVIII soundtrack, I feel like the Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec album really work and it’s all thanks to Shirō Hamaguchi just really knowing how to arrange for an orchestra well, and what annoys me the most about the original soundtrack is just the really weak instrumentation
  9. As I said before, I feel Ishimoto's work on TWEWY was a fluke. He's not my top composer for SE and I haven't been terribly impressed with any of his other works.

    I think part of my issue is that Hamazu tends to over do it. He crams too many instruments into some of his tracks and tries to be too technical when I feel a more simple and straightforward melody would suffice. Unlimited SaGa's score is unique, but I feel it's his work on SaGa Frontier 2 that feels the most odd of the bunch. At least Hamazu went back and re-arranged his battle music for Unlimited SaGa as rock pieces for FFXIII, SF2's score feels really strange compared to the rest of the franchise score and often works better when I find the piano arrangement album. It probably doesn't help that it feels the most whimsical of the OSTs.

    Ito's music has the opposite issue. The orchestral arrangements don't sound right. The Black Mages style rock album sounds perfect for his battle music, but the actual orchestral albums feel weird, like you're listening to an orchestra do a Metallica album. It's not bad, but it feels off.
  10. Hamauzu has an incredibly distinct voice, and yeah, it can become very jarring at times. Personally, I don’t even really have a problem with it since for example Unlimited Saga seems divorces enough from the rest that the soundtrack just happens to bring that out a bit more. It’s a different style but at least it’s still internally consistent.

    Though I feel the issue with what I sent you is different. True, Shimomura has her own distinct voice (side note: it’s funny to me how both she and Hamauzu are the most classically trained of the SE composers and both sound very distinct, and yet absolutely nothing like each other at the same time), but while she may rank above Ishimoto on my personal preference list, Ishimoto is still imo a very capable composer. I even like his KH tracks for the most part, like the Vanitas themes which I think is pretty interesting. The issue here is that he just... goes for the most basic mashup of Guardando nel Buio, Rage Awakened and some other battle themes, trying his best to ape Shimomura, while also adding those smurfing high-pitched violins he put everywhere in Type-0 that drive me absolutely nuts. He’s trying to do an impression without even knowing how to do it’s Ishimoto’s orchestrations are hollow, completely lacking the rich, romantic textures of Shimomura’s work. And most damningly, Shimomura’s final battle themes were always something incredible. She never relied on easy remixes - Darkness of the Unknown, l’Impeto Oscuro, Vector to the Heavens - they all really felt like unique tracks that were tailor-made for the final battle and it always felt epic. This just feels sad
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