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  1. Nah, IV is a classic. The best version of it is available on DS, mobile, and Steam, so if you ever feel like trying it, it's available there!
  2. Oops, sorry! Thought you said FFXIV.
  3. FFIV is not an MMO tho!
  4. It's still kinda cool how we both met the same person in the flesh without actually ever being close enough to meet ourselves XD
  5. I've only actually met her in person a couple of times. She's the partner of a good friend of mine.
  6. So this may seem like it came from nowhere, but I noticed today that one of your facebook friends is Halina Lewandowska, who is actually an acquaintance of mine - we studied at the same department and we even attended the same BA seminar. Funny how small the world is sometimes
  7. I am shocked you have not left your mark on this thread yet.
  8. Okay. Christmas holidays are nearly over, though...
  9. How are things?
  10. And hello to you too.
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