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  1. That's true
  2. That honestly sounds less Hideo Kojima and more Yoko Taro. And I don't think anyone actually hates Yoko Taro. He's like that adorable weirdo that's just a perpetual ball of stress
  3. I'll only do Word of God stuff on pointless things.

    Fan: What was the fate of so and so at the end?
    Me: Not important, but I will tell you that they can't tell the difference between a salad fork and a dinner fork.
    Fan: But this story takes place in a setting where those things don't really exist...
    Me: It's still important. In fact, it may be the most important thing about them and understanding the true meaning of the story.
  4. Nah, I honestly can't imagine that happening
  5. I imagine my own fans will hate me, but I intend to be a trolling creator.
  6. Ain't that the truth.

    Still, I can't wait to have fans of my own work in the future. Hopefully. Someday.
  7. Fandoms would be great if it wasn't for fans.
  8. I liked Gurren Lagann, but it was little more than just something cool to watch as a kid, imo. I loved it back then but just don't have the drive to ever revisit it, nor do I think it has ever really impacted me.

    Speaking of Eva, I've actually finished all the manga volumes now and rewatched the Rebuilds. 3.0 is still the best one, hands down, and I'm honestly kinda tired of seeing everyone in fan circles trout on the rebuilds so much. Yes, they're different than the original series. They're not here to replace it. This does not automatically make them bad. Like seriously, the amount of reaching I've seen you just wouldn't believe.

    Like, one person legit said "it's a shame Anno isn't depressed anymore - maybe then the movies would be better" and I mean, how messed up is that.
  9. You know, we've never really discussed Eva, but I think he's one of my friends who felt it was okay but highly overrated. His anime is Gurren Lagaan which is an anime I felt was overrated and a bit too silly for my taste.
  10. I imagine he's also the type that really hates Shinji Ikari
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