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  1. Aqua hits the right balance in everything tbh. She is perfection.
  2. Yeah, the lighthearted moments vary from character to character. Terra's always feel a bit awkward, whereas Ven feels right at home since he tends to always get stuck with the comic relief or the funnier scenarios. Aqua did hit that right balance though.
  3. The last bits of all the stories in this game are the best tbh. For such a dark game and for how short the world visits are, the game does kinda meander in super lighthearted moments
  4. In BbS news, I was able to reach the best part of Terra's story, for me at least. I got to kick the crap out of Peter Pan. I also forgot Terra never learns to fly. I'm almost to the end of his story arc. Went to Destiny Island, about to get tricked into fighting Master Erauqs and then the Keyblade Graveyard. I still have to finish the Mirage Arena with him as well, and finishing collecting the last of his abilities. Currently, I'm trying to get the missing sticker from Disney Land that I was saving for when I learned glide.
  5. Different strokes for different folks. It's been teasing summer here, and I'm looking forward to the weekend because it's going back to showers. Hell it actually snowed here last week and I'm actually cool with it.

    Yeah, I'm trying to regain my former discipline and actually stick to a schedule on things. I'm trying to set an actual time in the evening where I just write now. I'm also thinking of going back to a demo tape I was making to see if I can send it out and get some fun side work to do.
  6. I just need to get to bed on time next time. Plus, this weather just needs to change. You'd think it's November with how it is outside

    Anyway, it's good to hear your writing is comiong along. Hope I can have something done soon too.
  7. Sorry to hear you're tired. Hopefully you can get some R&R and feel better.
  8. Tired, mostly. Started watching Game of Thrones as I continue reading the books. No writing done yet because there's just so much trout to be done around the house. But I manage somehow.
  9. I wrote a bit last night on Soul, and tonight I started my next entry for the FF retrospective. I've been getting into an FF mood again which is nice.

    How are you doing?
  10. Yeah I know what you mean. Still couldn’t get back into writing and it’s been almost two weeks now. I’m thoroughly annoyed by it. But at least I’m reading. I’ve finished Interview with the Vampire recently and now I’m back to A Song of Ice and Fire
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