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  1. Woo! Sounds great I, on the other hand, wrote all of two sentences yesterday. Still better than nothing I guess
  2. Well tonight was actually productive. I got most of the first issue of my comic script written up. I need to tighten up the early sections since I had not quite figured out the format I wanted to use. The last part should be easy to write since it's mostly a comedy bit that segues into the next two stories.

    After that, it's the task of prodding my artist to actually draw all of it since she can be flaky sometimes or only want to draw what she's in the mood for. I'm hoping the script will be good enough to have her start working on it immediately.

    I've also started my Political Medieval story I told you about last year.
  3. I find that's what usually happens with those types of stories.
  4. Btw, remember how I told you that my novel at first seemed to me like it was just regurgitating stuff that’s inspired me the most? Well, I get a feeling it finallly has its own identity. Let’s hope for the best.
  5. I mean, that’s a good approach too. I try to give him as much freedom as I can, I only really step in with characters I have a clear design in mind for.
  6. I've given my artist pretty good freedom on the character designs. I try not to picture how I want to see them, but funny enough, I did have an idea of what I wanted our lead to look like and she actually came to the same conclusion. So the early sketch I have of her is pretty close to my idea of her. We'll see if the others fall into place.
  7. Oh I get what you mean. We kind of had it easier since I instantly had an image of our heroine pop into my head and then it was just the matter of my brother drawing her in his style. We have one more character that I designed, one that I told him the looks of and he’s already drawn her, and a couple I have an idea for but no solidified look. We also have our first Mecha design, so that’s great. Though it’s also all very rough so far as he still needs to pick up his drawing tablet
  8. Not as easy as you would probably think. It was like pulling teeth to get my artist to finally give me a rough sketch of her face. She's not even finalized.
  9. It would be really easy if you took to discord
  10. She's super cute too! I'll have to see if I can find a ay to upload her picture, her name is Eileen "Elly" Kumo.
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