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  1. If I go? Sure; I've got lots of old clothes that don't fit and children's books.

    I've got family in Florida, Louisiana, and New Mexico, so I've been to all those places.
    My dad's dad is from a small farm up in Kentucky, I went up there every few years to see my great grandpa (he died awhile back at 106). He lives in Louisiana along the bayou, and I fish with him every now and then.
    Most of my Mom's family lives in Florida near a naval base (they're a military family), and we used to go to Disney World with them all the time when I was little. My cousins on my dad's side live 20 minutes away from me. When I was little we went skiing together in Colorado. I still hang out with them every now-and-then. Some of my cousins on my mom's side live in New Mexico, out in the middle of nowhere, right next to a reservation, around the four corners area. We visit them once a year. I've also been to New York City, St. Louis, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., and Boston.
  2. Wow! You had so many interesting adventures round the world!! If you are returning to Bahamas, will you be donating stuffs this time?

    Please share with me stories of your travels!
  3. I've been to the Bahamas before when I was a Christian, we went and donated toys and clothes to an orphanage. I want to see how the place is doing, and I also want to go tubing down the rivers again. When most people think of Jamaica, they think of beautiful beaches, but what I remember was poor black people living out in a bloody rainforest raising goats alongside a wild river. I want to go to Okinawa so I can see the temples and ruins of the old Ryukyu Kingdom and learn some of their karate.
  4. Haha, why those places? Any reason?
  5. Either the Bahamas or Okinawa.
  6. Where to!??
  7. yup XD
  8. Gonna go for a awesome graduation trip after that?
  9. A few years.
  10. A part time job I assume?

    How long more till graduation?
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