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  1. Okay, no worries.
  2. I basically just don’t know how to make higher tier spells become available, but I can’t remember the details. I’ll let you know once I restart the game and have to deal with it all over again
  3. Also, I'm curious to know what you don't understand about magic in Romancing SaGa 2?
  4. Its attached to the Chain of Deals quest in both games. The only difference is that in Seasons, the reward is the proper instructions to reach the sword, so if you know it, you can skip the quest. Ages requires you do the full CoD to get it.
  5. You have to undertake a special quest to get one in these games. The sword upgrade in Seasons doesn't open up until two-thirds of the way into the game. Thankfully, the upgrade carries over to the next game if you import the data. There is a third upgrade, but I think it only unlocks for the extra story mission that unlocks at the end of the regular game.
  6. So I’m at Mermaid’s Cave at this point and I’m wondering: will I ever get a sword upgrade in Oracle of Ages?
  7. For the most part, Type-0's OST is pretty forgettable for me. Looking at Ishimoto's track record, I'd say TWEWY is the true outlier of his body of work cause I've never been terribly fond of anything else he's done. Even Dissidia, I've always felt the arrangements were okay, not necessarily great. Which is probably why I always played original music in the fights more often.

    The Chocobo theme doesn't bother as much as it probably does you, but I do find it more humorous than epic, which is not likely what he was going for. I do like how the school theme re-uses Prelude though. If it makes you feel better, I believe the map themes for the other nations are different from Rubrums.
  8. Speaking of music and Type-0, I’m actually pretty mixed on the soundtrack. There are some cool strong themes, but most of the time I kinda feel like Ishimoto is outside his element, with stuff like Crisis Core and TWEWY with their focus on more modern, electronic sounds just works out much better. I’m also extremely distracted by the overworld music. I appreciate this it’s a nice epic rearrangement of the chocobo thdme, but then it’s also an epic rearrangement of the chocobo theme. Like, the overworld music is supposed to capture the main essence of the game, but by remixing such a recognizable theme that has such a clear meaning within the series context, I not only fall to see how it matches the general feel of the game, but I’m also just completely out of it when walking around. It’s seriously immersion-breaking to me and is in general just a baffling creative decision that goes all logical OST decisions.
  9. Yeah, I haven't gotten much done myself. I'm waiting for my sense of needing something constructive to do kick in, which has been starting to lately. I've been mindlessly watching TV shows and playing games for the past week and a half, so I feel my mind is finally starting to need do something a little more involving. I also figured I'd take this time off to read up on the RPG Maker ACE tutorial and maybe squeeze out a small game. Get myself more familiar with the program. Since it looks like they may delay my return to work further than the two weeks initially promised, I figure I should fill my time learning new skill sets.
  10. Same here. I said I’d write a chapter a week but that was before the virus spread here lol. I still hope to start this week and actually stick to that schedule this time
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