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  1. Very true. Can't have an ego in academia.

    At least it wasn't an outright rejection, which is a good sign. Mostly they thought some of our claims weren't properly backed up, though my supervisor argues that they were. We'll probably just have to clarify some wording here and there but not too many outright changes, which is nice.
  2. Bahaha, I love it! Ego is the enemy, anyways

    What's the main pros and cons you received?
  3. My paper is back from peer review and hoo-boy is my ego destroyed
  4. That's my assumption. It'll be a Christmas miracle!
  5. She's hiding away until December?
  6. It's pure heroin.

    It's not December without Christmas. And it's not December... soooo... i'unno where I'm going with this.
  7. I've heard good things about Slay the Spire.

    I definitely believe you.
  8. Bahaha love it. I accidentally went into a deep Slay the Spire hole for a week. Successfully shelved it again now, and the withdrawal effects aren't too bad.

    I dunno! I definitely haven't kidnapped her and locked her in my basement!
  9. I bought myself Animal Crossing as a treat once I finished my final assignment so that's been my life for the past few weeks.

    Where's Christmas??
  10. This place got real quiet, huh?

    I haven't really been EoFFing or computering lately lol
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