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  1. Awesome, great to hear Can't wait to get some more detailed thoughts from you!

    On a completely unrelated note, I've been playing some FFTA here and there, and I just noticed something I never did before. There's this whole questline involving the Redwings and in it there's one battle, where there's a Bangaa Templar called "Silverhair", and he's accompanied two Viera Assassins - Celia and... Redy? Anyway, it was nice to spot an FFT reference!
  2. Well I finished the story. Overall I really enjoyed it. I'll probably respond with a Mognet Message with more detail.
  3. lol no problem, man. I understand
  4. Hey just a heads up, I haven't had a chance to finish your story, but I have a free weekend coming up so I plan to do it then. Sorry this has been taking so long.
  5. Glad you understand. Thanks to Castlevania, I've been in a gothic mood and made some progress on a vampire story I thought up a few years back.
  6. Nah, don't worry about it, man. I knew you wouldn't be able to progress much what with your con and stuff. Just checking in
  7. Not as good as you would hope, I went on a minor trip last weekend which ate up some of my time. On the brightside, one of my projects for work got delayed until October, so that takes the pressure off of me. I've also been kind of working back and forth on two different stories I hope to submit next month as well. So yeah, I've kind of left it on the back burner for the moment. Sorry. I've read up until some point in the second part where he's getting his new servant.
  8. Please don't feel like I'm pushing you or anything, but I wanted to ask how the progress on my story has been
  9. He is amusing. I just finished watching a documentary of Miyazaki working on my second favorite Ghibli film. Really inspiring actually.
  10. We should all apire to be him tbh
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