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  1. Damn that's a good one. I'll have to be on the lookout for more.
  2. Also, I now get to expose you to all of the cool CT remixes out there.
  3. Ha that is pretty funny.
  4. Ha, funny story, I recognize Migrant Bird because I've heard the track used in a Super Mario World romhack. But pretty great tracks indeed.
  5. Wild Arms has such an underrated OST. Most of the games have good soundtracks but I think the first game has the most impressive because you can tell the composer Michiko Naruke took full advantage of the CD-Rom space for some great pieces.

    Return to Ashes

    Alone in the World

    Migrant Bird's of the Wilderness (Rudy's Theme)

    Lamenting and a Promise ~ One of my personal favorites.
  6. Also you're right, your post was bite-sized enough to just listen to all songs on it ^^ some pretty great ones I didn't know, especially that Wild ARMS theme, wow.
  7. Holy trout that is amazingly made. Wasn't even familiar with Azumanga Daioh but looked it up right away and they captured it wonderfully. Fanart can really go places sometimes.
  8. Speaking of Persona...
  9. That's a pretty awesome 8-bit cover.
  10. On the topic of music, have you seen this btw? ^^
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