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  1. I haven't played any of the TellTale games, might change that when the Batman game they're doing gets released.
  2. Can't remember the last game that gripped me that way. Game of Thrones, I guess. At least before Episode 6.
  3. Phantom Pain is easily my Game of the Year right now. First game in a long time where I was seriously hooked on it and I'm afraid to hook my PS3 back up in fear I'll start playing it again over the rest of my backlog...
  4. Sweet! That gives me hope. I hated the gameplay in MGS4, too. I mean, the stealth elements were kinda harder, but became pointless with how easy it was to Rambo everything.

    I think I read this from you before, but forgot about it until now.
  5. Its a radical departure from MGS4 actually. The controls are more streamlined and while the third person shooter elements remain, the enemy A.I. is significantly smarter and more lethal. You really can't Rambo your way through the game and stealth is 9.5 times out 10 the best way of completing missions. Honestly it's probably the best game in the series in terms of gameplay because the open nature of the game gives you greater control on how to tackle missions and the evolving A.I. forces you to incorporate more of the weapons and toys than previous games. It lacks good boss battles unfortunately but I have few complaints other than that. This is also coming from someone who felt MGS4's gameplay was one of the worst parts of the game.
  6. Huh... That's... that's something.

    Actually, no. I shouldn't be surprised, it's Japan. They manage to over sexualize and make a good character all at the same time.

    One more question. How similar is it in gameplay to MGS4? Because I wasn't too crazy about the gameplay changes in 4.

    Two more question. Is Ground Zero necessary to get to understand this?
  7. The funny thing is that Quiet is probably the best character in the whole game in terms of writing. The fan-service nature of her character is blatant and a bit excessive, but she really is the heart of the game for the most part. Her ending in the game is rather touching.
  8. So I keep hearing.

    (SPOILER)Kinda regretting my whole 'if it's sexualizing women I won't get it out of principal' stance.
  9. The man is a master alright. Phantom Pain feels like a game Kojima is really trolling people with in a good way.
  10. Kojimi is a master troll.

    Who has met his match with Konami.

    Actually, I take that back. I don't want to insult internet trolls. OOH! Burn on Konami!
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