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  1. I've been pretty good. Got back into my writing as you can see in the writing section here. They're going to be different from the work I plan to publish. These are versions meant for public view online. My own little comic book universe without the artwork.
  2. Canoe is still just an affectionate nicknmae I don't mind. Of anything I should be pleased because nicknames rarely stick to me. I'm still fighting the good fight of trying to be productive with the thing I care about while trying to put up a good face for the trout I don't want to do, but have to.

    I think the only thing you missed out for me in the time you've been gone is my Top 100 Games list, which I really need to go back and rewrite a few entries for. Maybe fix a lot of my grammar since I rarely proofread anything before posting...

    Besides your mental health issues, how have you been?
  3. Why hey thar, what's happening in Wolf Kanno land? Am I still the only one that can properly write your last name?
  4. Is that so?
  5. I think i finally understand how you see the world the way you do and why you ask the questions you do. I look forward to the discussions we can now have together.
  6. Also b00bs. Don't b00bs.
  7. I kind of enjoyed watching Cersei get screwed over finally. Not as grand as the books but still satisfying.
  8. I only remember all of King's Landing scenes being underwhelming at that point. I guess it couldn't be the main focus point forever.
  9. I enjoyed it, finished up a couple thing from the books while also taking the series further into a new direction since the series will be "off script" so to speak for the next few seasons concerning several characters.
  10. What did you think?
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