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  1. Good to hear, I usually catch it when it comes out on video so, I'll have a year of avoiding spoilers for the most part. Just finished season 5 a few months back.
  2. It had a couple of low points where things really made no sense, and while I wouldn't say the season overall is better than seasons 1 - 4, it's better than 5, and the season finale was the best episode of GoT I've ever seen and made the whole season worth watching.
  3. Season 6 scratching that itch for you?
  4. I just had an orgasm watching GoT, myself.
  5. Just doing my job.

    I'm feeling old lately. Other than that, I'm pretty good.
  6. You made me actually think and contribute more than a couple of lines to a discussion, Wolf, how dare you

    Hi. What's up?
  7. Yeah apparently the design team was fighting with the publisher and the whole project fell through.
  8. Wow, that's just bad luck.
  9. I'll check it out then. I'm sad because I just found out Allison Road was cancelled.
  10. It's still gonna be horror, that was the main thing they wanted to get across. It's up in the air how much from the demo will be in the main game, but I posted the director's comment in the PlayStaiton E3 thread if you wanted to take a look at them.
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