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  1. I don't know, watching it again, I kind of like how the trailer brings us back to the roots of the franchise: Wandering an abandoned house that looks like it was part of a grind house flick while battling murderous creatures. It was definitely a bit spookier than RE usually is.
  2. Okay, so, I read some more stuff regarding RE7, and what we saw at E3 was basically a teaser demo and not representative of what the main game is going to be (outside of first person view). So there's still a chance the main game will feel more like Resident Evil. They already said puzzles solving, inventory management, and combat will still be a factor, but none of that QTE BS. I was hoping what we saw was more for show.
  3. This man dwells in a place where the faceless god resides. The faceless god gives as much as it chooses to take.
  4. A man has great misfortune. Is it the same for the Wifi?
  5. A man must confess that the man has not. A man must confess that the internet this man is given by the faceless god makes most streaming seeketh the faceless gods comfort.
  6. A man wonders if a man has been keeping up with Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3.
  7. It's a shame too, cause SH3D pretty much killed people's interest in a film series. It doesn't help that of the actual Team Silent games (SH1-4), I feel like they chose the two weakest stories to adapt.
  8. Ah, that explains it.

    Greedy bastards.
  9. Largely because it wasn't the same development team. I think one of the writers/producers from the first film ran into some legal problems in the intervening years, and I don't think the director of the first film really wanted to come back without him.
  10. They might have eventually gotten to that if they didn't blow it on the second movie so hard. I'm not even sure why they adapted SH3's story when their version of the Cult plot was resolved rather nicely in the first film.
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