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  1. Yeah, I liked the first movie, though I would have preferred if they had done the second games story as I was never a huge fan of the SH Sun Cult that the series could never quite get rid of. I agree they did a pretty good job making something cool with the mythos.
  2. I think Silent Hill might be the best movie adaptation of a video game I've watched. The set pieces, the monsters, the music, the casting of Alessa, and they even had the puzzles! Now that I played the games I can appreciate it even more than before. I think I'm in love.
  3. Well at least it's got something going for it. Would suck to play a game with troutty controls and mechanics to get nothing out of it.
  4. I had to increase the brightness on my screen at one point just to see where I was going, and it still barely helped. Thank god for the map.

    I like how you can say 'smurf it' to the main mission and go to level 3 prompting Fist to kill the majority of the marines leaving you with the survivors and having to kill all the scientists and trout, but if you do that you get the bad ending.

    There are some pretty creative death scenes, at least. One involves an alien ship blowing up the entire planet!
  5. That sounds really irritating.
  6. Doesn't surprise me. It's also unforgiving of mistakes. If somebody important dies, or you forget something, you can't move forward in the game, but the game doesn't trigger a game over screen right away. It just goes on until something else kills you. Heaven forbid you saved after the mess up and then you have to start all over!

  7. Yeah, never heard good things about Broken Helix.
  8. Yup. Lead character. He makes the game 20% cooler.

    Which I then subtract for lousy controls and getting stuck on people.
  9. Yes, I've heard of it. Didn't realize he was in it.
  10. I just got finished playing a game starring Bruce Campbell. You ever heard of a game called Broken Helix?
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