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  1. My nickname in high school was Ryoga Hibiki due to us having similar sense of direction. Also high-five for October club!
  2. I love that anime so much. It was the first anime I was exposed to after Pokemon. I have seasons 3 - 7 and the OVA on DVD with the first two seasons on tape. I need to get 1 and 2 on DVD.

    HAI! Welcome back fellow October joinee.
  3. *Sung to the tune of "It's a Small World After All" and no I didn't come up with this.

    It's a sorry story if you fall in spring
    cold water turn you to funny things
    hot water change you back
    but you must now face the fact
    It's Jusenkyo After Alll!

    It's Jusenkyo After All!
    It's Jusenkyo After All!
    It's Jusenkyo After All!
    It's the cursed-cursed spring!

    Man fall into spring of the panda bear
    and a boy, now a girl with some red hair
    I'm so sorry sirs, but you both have been cursed
    It's Jusenkyo after all!

    (Repeat Chorus)
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