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  1. Okay, that is the best fact I have ever heard! That takes the biscuit, takes it far, far away, into the land of dreams!
  2. OMG I forgot about this other fun fact. Did you know that there was a WWII Soldier named "Mad Jack" Churchill who fought with predominantly a longbow and a claymore sword. He not only recorded the last military kill with a longbow in 1940, but also was the only person to use a bow in World War II.
    Even after his military days he was eccentric. Everyday on the train he would startle the conductor by throwing his briefcase out the window and he finally told them that he was only throwing his briefcase into his backyeard so that he wouldn't have to carry it himself.
  3. That really is a great fact! Thank you! I knew I could rely on you to educate me on such things
  4. Okay. So John Tyler was The US's 10th president, he was in office from 1841-1845. That was 20 years before the US Civil War, but in his entire life he had 15 children. Some of them he had in very very late age. One child he had was born in 1853, when he was 63 years old. This little trait ran in his family, because that son had two children in 1923 and 1924 (for the math, that was when he was 70 years old). Those two men are still alive today. Whereas most people have to go back to Great-great-great grandparents to get to the civil war their grandfather was alive before it.
  5. Teach me your favourite fact about history
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