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  1. I did not smile, nor have I all day
  2. I can't help it. I dun have the time to play and watching it from youtube is just not the same, so....

    But I heard there are a lot of different pokemons games! You are able to keep track of all of them?
  3. You should be >:O you little cheat you!!

    I love you really.....

    YES I do <3
  4. I am so ashamed of myself!
    I just want to try things out the fast way!

    So you prefer the games over the anime anyday?
  5. Why does that sound so illegal, may I ask?

    It's not confusing it's just silly how many silly episodes they think they can sell to idiotchildren T_T
  6. Or if you want it fast, you can download some stuffs from the net and....

    It is confusing isn't it!?

    The only character I remember is Ash and Pikachu!
  7. No I haven't got that far yet. . .how I look forward to it though.

    There are way too many pokemon anime episodes. Way. Too. Many.
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