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  1. That was amusing, though for me the biggest flashback was realizing I've met all of the people in this video except for the youtuber. I have a picture of myself with Tiffany Grant cosplaying as Asuka and I even got to watch her karaoke the opening theme. I've met Spike Spencer who is a fun guy, and one of my favorite con memories was with Matt Greenfield, when a friend of mine ran into him and Scott McNeil in a hallway around midnight at the convention and ended up giving an impromptu panel where we listened to the two of them and Tristan McAvery just talking until 3 am about the voice over industry and sharing fun anecdotes.
  2. I think you might enjoy this

  3. Yep, pretty much
  4. That's fine, I always enjoy talking game concepts with people.
  5. It is because now I can’t write my thing because this keeps occupying me and I’m nowhere near ready to be making this a reality. If this keeps up, I’m never gonna finish anything, and that doesn’t really make me a good creative now does it.

    If you’re interested I can mother you what I have of the game idea sometime tomorrow. Maybe then I’ll be able to sort this stuff out somehow.
  6. That's not a bad thing really.
  7. So I suck because while we were having a friend over I did very little writing but instead got a pretty fledged out idea for what my future game project would be...
  8. Just trying to give you some mood music to write with.
  9. You pamper me
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