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  1. That's for sure.
  2. Yeah, I enjoyed it. Definitely one of the stronger Disney movies in recent years
  3. Though this song has really been helping me improve my mood on the subject of me writing.

    Finally watched this movie today. Really good flick.
  4. I think part of my issue is that I know Elly deserves better, all of my stories deserve better and I just feel like some dead beat dad who may say they love their "kids" but fails to provide for them.

  5. Eh, thanks for the cheer up, I'm still waffling with it.

    It will be hilarious when he does review it, but I keep feeling like he's going to say he's going to review it and instead review Animal Crossing or some other game instead.
  6. And no, I genuinely think that story wasn’t half bad. There’s a lot of potential there that just needs some polishing to get out. Rome wasn’t built in a day!
  7. You and I both know he’s going to review it and it will be hilarious.
  8. Oh that story was cornball and you know it.

    The new one isn't any better though I tried to keep it as a POV piece. It still feels a bit too cliche for my taste, and I'll need to go back through and add more character into the dialogue. Same with the Elly Childhood piece. I feel I lost Elly in the narration.

    I can feel that issue of wanting to have better momentum. I've had a lot of free time lately, and though I have been writing more, I don't feel it has been as productive as I had envisioned. I seriously struggled to even get what I did last night finished.

    Jim to me has always had weird taste, which is probably the other reason why I don't follow him very much as I find his personality grating. Speaking of grating personalities, I am going to be really amused if Yahtzee does a review of the the VII Remake, especially when you consider he's mentioned that VII turned him off from the series in a past review.
  9. Well in any case, it was nice to hear Jim Sterling express feelings similar to mine. I often feel like such an anomaly for accepting Nomura trout and just in general embracing the more scant garde type of storytelling.

    Today has also been harsh because I felt I should press on, but every step was painful. I long for the days when I could just sit down and write and it would just... come. Almost unbidden.

    And don’t be so harsh on yourself. Elly definitely wasn’t garbage
  10. Lol, I can feel that on the inner critic issue. I got inspired to write another piece for that Elly character I made you read last year. I still need to go through it and tweak it, but between the new piece and that awful corny 90s sitcom bulltrout I made you read last year, I'm not exactly as excited as I should be for finishing a piece.
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