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  1. Also, Happy "Fynn is a Jolly Good Fellow" day
  2. I always liked BoF's graphical style to be honest.
  3. So yeah, the second game really does a much better job at keeping the plot going, so that’s cool. At this point I’m somehow most reminded of Breath of Fire III, though it’s nothing tangible - I think it’s the aesthetics more than anything, since the story is much less fable/legend and more politicos/world building-focused.
  4. I had a feeling it would be something like that.
  5. On another note, I’ve finished the first Trails in the Sky game. The biggest problem with it is that it’s a very long game and the plot only arrives in the last quarter or so, but once it does, it’s well-paced and pretty satisfying. Oh and it has an absolute what ending that absolutely swept the rug from under my feet, which I honestly don’t think wouldn’t have been the case had the game not pulled me into this false sense of security throughout. Now I’ve started a sequel and it looks to be much more focused from the start and in general I really just want to see what happens next. But then continuity lockout is absolutely in force and the second game makes zero sense without the first one. So I’d say these games are good as long as you have the patience.
  6. He definitely has a good style.
  7. I think one of the reasons I like S so much is that I feel it’s the only season to improve on the manga in certain ways. I much prefer Pharaoh 90 as an incomprehensible Eldritch abomination rather than a villain that, you know, talks. Also, I feel like Kunihiko Ikuhara being the director for most of the season really helped give it its feel. When I watched Revolutionary Girl Utena much later, I loved it in no small part due to how it reminded me of that era of Sailor Moon
  8. My issue with Stars was just that the actual season dragged in places, and the fact the manga was better in every way. I would still agree that it wasn't bad and some of the changes were not bad either unlike SuperS.
  9. I mean, I still think Stars was decent. It did a lot of things I don’t agree with and when I learned what happened in the manga at this point it was clear the animated version was lackluster, but it was still a very nice end to the series with very pretty visuals and some fun filled. Chibi-Chibi is also just precious.

    It’s definitely not as bad as Supers, though I still enjoyed that as a kid. Though hearing Kaworu’s voice actor sound 100% like a woman as Fisheye was a treat I appreciate to this day. I’m also very curious how the Sailor Moon Eternal movies will handle the Dream Arc because I vaguely recall it being very good in the manga, so perhaps this new version will do it justice. Crystal has only been better from season to season thus far
  10. I like S, but some people in my life kind of ruined it for me. I do agree it's probably the last really good season of the original.
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