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  1. Interesting choice! I also have a lot of nostalgia for it, but I was also five when it aired here. My personal favorite has always been S, though, since it was darker, mire atmospheric, and I could actually follow the plot more
  2. The first season with the Dark Moon Kingdom is my favorite. It's the one I have the most nostalgia for.
  3. So I’ve been on a weird Sailor Moon kick lately. I remember you being a fan so I was going to ask which season was your favorite.
  4. Thanks man, I appreciate it.
  5. Lots of love, man! If you ever feel like you wanna talk, you know where to find me
  6. I am starting to get annoyed that Youtube keeps trying to compile stuff I've watched into Mix sets. Sometimes I just want to hear a particular song, not wade through a whole list to find it.
  7. Nice! This has been popping up in my suggestions lately for some reason. YouTube is weird like that
  8. Found another song for you. How about a classic hit by an Irish band now sung in Mandarin for a cool indie Hong Kong film from the early 2000s?
  9. Thank you! What movie is this from?
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