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  1. I’m not playing yet, but once I do I’m gonna go on one of the official servers. Not sure which one yet, will depend on where I have some friends to play with.
  2. A long time ago, Galka mages were looked on as a less viable option given their low native MP and INT. However, they can easily compensate that with some MP gear and by endgame that is not much of a factor. The high HP does help keep them alive. I doubt there is any of that racism left in the game. Are you playing through POL or one of the private servers?
  3. I’m kinda torn between Galka and Elvaan, though I did play Elvaan a bit on my free trial, so I was thinking of choosing a different race once I reach XI in my marathon.
  4. RDM is definitely a great job to start with. Most parties and events will need RDM to function well. It's also a great solo job since it has survivability and lots of tools to enhance or enfeeble. Galka RDMs are rare but not unheard of. You'll just need some MP+ gear to keep up.
  5. So would you recommend the red mage for an absolute FFXI noob? Would a Galka work for this job?
  6. So, do you think you'd like to join my mafia game?
  7. Sorry, I was online yesterday and missed your post. I'll try to look into Pokemon today and I'll see what your friend safari is. I'll be on the lookout and will make sure to trade you the GIratina once I see you, though, don't worry!
  8. I've been playing Pokemon X lately so if you see me online maybe we can finally make that trade. Also, could you tell me what my friend safari pokemon are? I just started getting into it and I want to post my info to try and get more friends.
  9. Yeah I'm way different than you. I'm at work now so I can't do it. I'm sure we'll cross paths eventually.
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