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  1. You're smart and you watched us play. It's all about reading people and adjusting to the hand you're dealt - gauging what to say and what not to say. If you're mafia, you have more info and a coordinated group but have to work in secret and there's really little of you. If you're town, you're pretty much part of a chaotic group that knows nothing and keeps pointing fingers at each other, and among that you have to figure out who the bad guy is, but once that happens and you learn what will convince people.

    It's pretty fascinating
  2. WE'LL SEE
  3. You'll do fine tho
  4. Don't be that guy
  5. then git gud
  6. But I'm not good at shouting or deduction
  7. And you might get to see Karifean's style if you take part in the next mafia, since it's his turn to host

    Generally, it involves very detailed flavor text and there's a lot more deduction involved, rather than just shouting and waiting for someone to slip up
  8. With my luck everyone will be burnt out by then and it won't happen
  9. Sure why not? If I feel like it once the time comes, then I don't see why not
  10. What is Karifean style?

    Also will you play Tales of mafia wit me?
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