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  1. So I've been playing Icewind Dale II again recently and there's this thing that happened. In general, Forgotten Realms is a setting where dragons are a friggin' big deal - when they do show up they are incredibly powerful. They were a huge challenge in Baldur's Gate II for story bosses, as you really had to use buffs and debuffs efficiently to beat them. One of the dragons is actually the game's That One Boss and is even tougher than the final boss and I was stuck on it for days. So, back to Icewind Dale II, some peeps say "Wanna go through? Well, good smurfing luck with that because there's a dragon." So a dragon indeed comes out, I'm pretty sure it's gonna hand me my totally mentally unprepared ass. He's big and scary with his field sprite taking like four times the space of regular peeps, and he has two ice wyvern sidekicks, so I brace myself for the worst. And then he goes down fairly easily - I didn't even have to reload my save file once! So I'm all happy and proud of myself and was honestly kinda sad because I could feel my respect for dragons dwindle. So I go into the cave and THERE'S ANOTHER ONE! HOLY trout, I say to myself, as I panic again and wail on him with all I have. He goes down, again, without much of a problem.

    Now, I don't know if I'm more experienced, if your party is set up to be stronger in IWD than it is in BG, but holy hell, was that an emotional rollercoaster!
  2. To each their own, I suppose!
  3. I feel about the same but I wouldn't define myself as pan? But yeah, if Ania was suddenly a man, I definitely wouldn't have any problem with it. It's like, you fall in love with a person's soul, not their genitals.
  4. I guess you're more in touch with your feminine side? Btw Chandler never came across as gay to me

    I guess I'm technically pan sexual? Like, I develop feelings for people and their bits don't matter much. I mean, I still like the bits, but they don't make or break a decision for me, if that makes sense. If sharky decided he wanted to be a woman I'd be like "Yeah aiight." Cause he's still sharky just... shesharky
  5. It was fun

    It's weird tho. People online assume I'm a girl, people irl assume I'm gay (although less so recently. Maybe I just look more butch? Idk). One of those friends said that it's probably because I'm like Chandler from Friends - I have this "quality"

    Of course, with you it's probably different since even if people assume you're straight there's the whole stereotype of "oh girls are more fluid anyway and then experiment" so they'd dismiss you claiming to be anything but straight as "a phase".

    Honestly, though, I can't think of any bisexual people stereotypes other than "they sleep around" and "they don't exist"
  6. Hey, whatever works for ya
  7. I mean, there was no mistake about my sexuality (except at first when everyone assumed I'm gay for some reason?) but we still talked about clothes and stuff and like "girl you dress ratchet"
  8. I've always been the straight girl

    Except I'm not straight
  9. I could be your pet homosexual. Except Im not homosexual.

    True story, though, I was like the stereotypical gay best friend to some girls during uni (I was in an all-girl group sans me then), except I had a wife at that point.
  10. Don't worry Fynn, you could be my gay option if I were a video game character

    Except I'm a woman

    And you're not gay
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