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  1. I'm asking a bunch of people in chat!
  2. Idk. Dunban? Prompto? Ask Formy. Or Carny. When I think of lusting about video game guys, those two come to mind first.
  3. Any more suggestions for cute, handsome, and/or sexy mens in VGs?
  4. He is a very sexy man, what can I say
  5. I was trying to think of video game male attractive characters for the male tournaments and I was tryna remember if you thought Cid was handsome
  6. I mean, who didn't?

    Why are you asking me specifically?
  7. Did you think Cid from XII is handsome, was that a thing?
  8. It's just that someone appreciates my details for once
  9. Why are you pouting at me
  10. Thank you
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