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  1. Posted a game on my list that you might like
  2. GET TO WORK !!!!

    And thanky!
  3. I'm in good health, though I'm pretty desperately trying to combat my procrastination tendencies (I have a bachelor's thesis to write) =/

    Though with two Mafia games starting up now and an RPG I participate in, we'll see how well that goes.....

    Hope you get better soon!
  4. Yeah I tend to avoid Academia too.

    I am kinda, I've been swamped with school work and being sick though. How are you?
  5. Thanks. I don't often dare poke my head out too much in Academia

    Btw, you still continuing work on that mystery of yours?
  6. I enjoy your posts in the to punch or not to punch thread
  7. Sure~
  8. Next little section is up if you care to read
  9. thanky
  10. Absolutely! =)
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