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  1. Excellent, I'm glad it all went well for you!
  2. The group thing went surprisingly well! I actually was one of the ones chosen to pick 2 people for my team. There were 4 I would have ideally liked in my group, so I picked two of them and she actually assigned the third one I wanted, which was awesome. The last person assigned to my group I don't actually know well and she's super quiet but she's not annoying or anything and I think she'll do the work we ask of her. I also go the job as record keeper for the group like I wanted!

    AND when I asked the second girl to be in my group she actually said right away that she was hoping she'd get my group, which was nice. She might have just been being nice but then she could have just not said anything like most people? Anyway, yeah, it went better than expected
  3. Thank you for the support!
  4. I hear you, the potential for rejection is always a scary prospect. But even if nobody does want you (more fool them, for my two penneth) I know you'll be able to handle it.
  5. I'm right there with you.

    On a serious note I have my speech class soon and we're being assigned teams kind of. She's going to pick 5 team leads who will each pick 2 people, and then she will assign another 2 people to each group. I'm worried that no one will want to work with me and they'll end up like stuck with me
  6. IRL: I'm not ready for Donald Trump to be president I need to level up my knot tying skills.
  7. That is true.

    RPG logic:
    THE WORLD IS BEING DESTROYED YOU MUST HURRY but first check out all of the sidequests
  8. The nice thing about the planet being destroyed is that meteor will hang in the sky while you race birds until you're ready to go
  9. Oh it was amazing. Best part of the game for me.

    I always laugh at Cloud in the beginning when Barret tells him the planet is dying and he's like "idc, I just want to get paid" and I'm like "HOW YOU GON GET PAID IF THE PLANET IS DEAD CLOUD"

    I did enjoy his character from the aspect of having a character with what is essentially dissociative identity disorder
  10. His character moment was the most emotional for me by far, yeah. His dad. Eyes always get a little misty.
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