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  1. Good video, thanks for linking me to it.

    I've always felt XII's writing and character growth were always more subtle than the more bombastic nature people are used to. Matsuno always has a bit of an Elizabethan flair to his writing so his games always feel more like watching a play than a film or TV show.
  2. By the way, I found this the other day

    Interesting to me that both of them consider Vaan to be their favorite character. Think next time I play I'll try to watch out for how his presence affects the other party members' own development, I never really felt like that was too pronounced.
  3. We'll have to see what happens in the coming weeks as more information is released.
  4. Yeah, and this goes well beyond the anime industry or community, it's also the biggest confirmed mass-murder in Japan since WW2, period... albeit slightly by technicality since there was a bigger one that was never *confirmed* arson. I don't like to speculate on the motives involved too much. We'll see how the situation develops. What is more helpful at least is people are already posting different ways of chipping in to help those affected (though waiting for an official statement as many are doing is perfectly reasonable).
  5. Not until you brought it to my attention. That is pretty terrible news. That studio has worked on a lot of cool stuff I've loved over the years and it's a shame a lunatic has caused so much suffering for people have really only brought joy into people's lives.
  6. Heard about Kyoto Animation?
  7. It's been interesting so far, though I'm a bit disappointed on people's failure to find solutions to these troubles.
  8. Touché. Well this topic should yield some interesting perspectives ^^
  9. O h I read my fair share of it, but yes, I don't really engage much myself since I did that enough in RL and I get bored easily by how quickly people fall back to straw arguments to defend their positions. At least with video games/media no one walks away from the argument to the point where they want to murder the person they were arguing with. If they do, then they obviously have bigger problems brewing in their heads.
  10. So you do hang out in Academia as well ^^ apparently smart enough to dodge the trainwrecks at least though >.<
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