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  1. So idk if you know this but apparently the Netflix release of Evangelion got a re-dub with a completely new cast.

    Now, I have no investment in this personally since I always prefer subs, from what I can tell the new voicework is much better, but the script is a mich more literal translation, which I feel doesnít work nearly as well.
  2. Good to know, lol!
  3. Thank you!

    It’s an unbaked chocolate cheesecake, so it’s probably moist
  4. I'm sure we all will.
  5. If I want to make it a profession, then I do need to teach myself how to make it happen regardless of how hectic things get. Oh but I’ll definitely get there one day
  6. I'm sure once things calm down, you'll get back to it.
  7. Yeah. Same here. Remember how I told you I’d finish that story and send it your way by the end of the weekend, but it was two weeks ago? Hope to have it this time, though. Really need to focus on that writing.
  8. Sorry to hear that, I've been pretty stressed out myself. I think things have finally settled down enough that I'm finally getting back to a sort of baseline. I'm starting to think I need to re-evaluate my goals and life.
  9. I know the feel of burning out on one style. I’ve acryally recently finished Golden Sun Dark Dawn and haven’t really been playing anything for the last few days. Life’s been a bit too hectic
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