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  1. It's hard to beat that! You need some sweet'n'sour sauce to make it perfect. I never turn down an opportunity for nuggets.
  3. No hard feelings at all

    It's never my goal to offend anyone. I hope you're doing well.
  4. Hey, I hope there are no hard feelings. I see your side of it. I really do. But I'm coming from a place of someone who has had their boundaries crossed, and now is pretty serious about that sort of thing. I just found it disrespectful that someone else told me how I should or should not feel about any given thing, without knowing why I might feel that way.

    Anyways, hope we can move past it.
  5. The most effective treatment as with other forms of OCD tends to be cognitive behavioral therapy. But there's also creams you can use to ease the hurt
  6. That might stop me for a DAY. I hate having my hands covered, though.
  7. Have you ever tried anything like wearing gloves for it? It's like how when dogs have fleas they put that big goofy cone over their head to prevent them from biting themselves.
  8. Strangely, it's never really bothered me other than to cause me pain (because I rip skin...and I rip it REALLY deep sometimes) and embarrassment when people look at my hands.

    It is annoying when you're trying to stop though, and you just can't. I know I have some other OCD tendencies, and my dad has been diagnosed, so it's not really surprising to me that it's consider a form of OCD.
  9. Sunday worksssss
  10. you've really been getting involved, and it's great to see you back and so active! maybe you'd like to join in on this fun little event?
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