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  1. I know!!! He even threw up a bit in his mouth! He's only 14 weeks and already Mummy's kisses make him sick :-(

    Do think about it! I currently have 2 customer's online parties running over black friday and Cyber Monday as we're apparently getting some good deals (we'll find out on the day!). Let me know if you want to do it! x x
  2. That sounds like a great idea that I will think about

    Thank you! James is so adorable too! I loved the video of the lip stain where you kissed all over him and he was like "really, mom? I have an image to uphold!" lol!
  3. Just got your message! Let me know if you need any help with colour matching or anything huni. You saw my post last night on hosting a page? This can get you Y cash and half price tickets to spend on make-up! Some you can save more precious cash to spend on your gorgeous babies!

    I love seeing their pictures on facebook! Cuties! I can't imagine what James will look like when he is bigger! x x
  4. That's great :Jess:
  5. Yeah, Danny and I are more solid than ever and I'm so thankful for him. I'm so close with my family that we're all just pulling together and doing what we can to help each other through! Xx
  6. As long as you two have each other, that shouldn't be too hard <3
  7. Thanks hun. I probably will have lots and lots of questions! Yeah it's been a really really tough year this year with me having a rough pregnancy and everything with my dad. We just need to keep positive and hopefully everything will be ok! Xx
  8. Thank you! My boys and my hubby are the greatest things to ever happen to me and I know you'll feel the same when you look into your baby's eyes just remember all the crappy parts of pregnancy are so worth it. If you have any baby questions, I'm here!

    Also I'm sorry about your dad. I can't imagine how hard that must be, especially with your pregnancy. Prayers <3
  9. Thank you! Also if you are on Facebook and want to add me, let me know!
  10. Yey! I'll look forward to it! Good luck x
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