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  1. i don't doubt it
  2. i'm actually the entire cast of moulin rouge
  3. mirage or, moulin rouge
  4. you're back!
  5. haha, i'm like the polar opposite. I get extremely grumpy in cold, dark and/or gray weather, love wearing light and thin clothing, and as long as it's not australian summer hot, the heat doesn't bother me either , even if i am physically active. I particularly enjoy being able to just go right outside in the middle of the night in almost no clothes and not freeze, and i totally like taking a swim outside of pools . Just seeing the sun and blue skies all day and almost all night too makes me feel really happy and positive :>
  6. I really love big coats and generally layered clothing, having to fortify yourself against the elements before going out, how it's all fresh and stuff, how nice and warm it is when you get inside, I love cold weather! I hate being hot and having to walk anywhere/do anything in heat, it makes me so angry and short tempered
  7. Noo, it's not terrible is it wonderful! Well, ok, the only bad thing is that it's not all that stable. I wish it was this warm all year around. Don't you?
  8. Yeah, my brother has been living in Denmark and his girlfriend is still living there and it's warmer there than England too! This has been a terrible summer here. Mainly because, I can't get used to the weather. It keeps changing. When it's really hot it's like okay, you get used to the heat, it's summer. But it keeps being cold and hot and raining and I never know how to dress! I'd prefer just cold
  9. Actually it's like 5 degrees warmer here, assuming you live in or near London.
  10. How can you possibly drink coffee in this weather? Well, unless it's an iced coffee.
    I live in Norway and it is exactly 6 minutes into 5 in the afternoon! I suppose the weather is kind of similar and I think it is fantastic. I've been wishing for a summer like this for like 10 year now and it's finally here. Life is great.
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