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  1. i will take that as the highest of compliments!
  2. You're a trickster.
  3. i can do a tricks on a finger skateboard
  4. Alive Girl became Alive Cat?

    Do you know Ser Pounce?
  5. of course I was never gone but I lost the ability to type for a long time because cats can't type, I had to wait until the technology was available to me to use brainwaves. it's silly and complicated but what's important is on July 4th I will be able to return fully and properly, my spirit will be ready. peace and love to you, my child, meow.
  7. I think you are being really brave. I hope family and friends are being supportive, assuming any of them know.

    I forgot to answer your earlier question. I am doing fine. I actually have a job interview later today so I need to go to sleep soon so I can be prepared for that.
  8. Thank you so much, that makes me feel a lot better about myself and that I don't just look really bad! It all takes time though so I just need to stay confident
  9. They're definitely achievable. You look gorgeous in that picture. You look gorgeous in the last two pics you posted in the picture thread, too.
  10. Well, that is definitely a good sign if you didn't know!

    I wanna get a wig more my natural colour and kind of a more natural look, like light brown and stuff.

    Aw thank you! That's so nice of you to say. Sometimes I feel like my goals are achievable but other times it just feels like I'll never get there! Everything takes time though.

    How are you, ToriJ?
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