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  1. Ugh tell me about it
  2. Why is coming up with names for characters so hard >.<
  3. The picture doesn't really do this justice, though. I couldn't find a younger picture, but I have this vivid image of her in her younger days where she looked practically identical to that icon.
  4. Heh, I do see the resemblance =P
  5. Btw, the icon with the maid looks like Polish singer Justyna Steczkowska

  6. Haha I see :P
  7. Thanks Sorry I couldn't reply on steam, my wife took my keyboard so she could play The Witcher
  8. Busy. Almost done with correcting my thesis, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't add to my stress, making me tire more easily. Still, All Saints' Day is a holiday here, so I decided to take Halloween off, so hopefully I can rest during the long weekend.

    Also, NaNoWriMo is coming up and I'm hoping to use that to make some decent headway on my book!
  9. Pretty okay. I've been delving deep into the Touhou series lately which eats up a ton of my time. Besides that I'm reading Fata Morgana which I'll most likely give my highest recommendation for once I'm done with it. And gleefully grinning as I observe some people over on another forum go through Umineko for the first time, sharing theories and interpretations. And then there's trying to balance university with that, which so far is still pretty manageable. How about you?
  10. I wonder if you'll guess which one mine is again

    How've you been, by the way?
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