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  1. Oh yes, I distinctly remember this track from the OST So good.
  2. Also, aside from the four character themes, which are amazing, this is probably my favorite track:

    Bravely Second's OST is still good, but certainly not to the level of Default, so despite being solid it's kind of a letdown
  3. It is a fantastic game with one, very, VERY serious flaw that ruins it to a lot of players
  4. Hmm, enjoying them? I've only played Undertale out of these, and you've probably heard more than enough about that game by now Oh btw on the subject of Bravely, thanks for pointing me towards the Bravely Default OST through the best mainline FF composer topic, that was a pretty great listen. Almost made me feel like playing the actual game (which I've accidently spoiled for myself ), but well, maybe if I own a 3DS someday.
  5. Pillars of Eternity is my main focus now. I'm also playing Undertale with my wife when we have the time, and I also started Bravely Second during Easter, as that's when I got it as a belated nameday gift, and I will come right back to focusing on it once I beat Pillars. Also playing a bit of Persona 4 Dancing All Night on the side, but that's a rhythm game that I've already beaten the story mode of, so it's more a thumb exercise than any serious gaming really
  6. Nice

    Out of curiosity, what are you playing right now?
  7. Well, we'll see. Horror is a very subjective genre, much like comedy, so even if one brand is objectively good in quality, doesn't mean it will be everyone's cup of tea.

    But I'm all for trying things on my own and shaping my own opinions, so I will definitely look into it one day
  8. Well another reason I brought up Higurashi is because it's a spiritual predecessor to Umineko, and while the stories stand completely on their own, it was nice seeing the author's writing evolve =P It's just a lot more anime-esque than Umineko which is why I wasn't sure if you'd enjoy it, but by now I think you probably would.
  9. Glad you enjoyed the video

    As for Higurashi, I will look into it, though really, don't expect me to play it anytime soon My backlog is 2spoopy4me
  10. I'll watch it in a bit ^^
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