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  1. Hi.

    It's five o clock in the morning, and I'm still up. Why?
  2. Sure, why not? Just keep a lookout in the Garden Festival Committee or somewhere when something new happens
  3. This gonna be a semi regular thing now?

    Collab, bro?
  4. I guess I can't really argue with that. I'm just going to be such a nervous wreck when I get to this stage.

    Though I could always write another book in the time it takes for a single response, rofl.
    Publisher: Okay, we just finished getting your novel out there. When can you have the sequel written?
    Me: Uhh... I wrote it already.
    Publisher: What? When?
    Me: I needed to kill time while waiting for your return letter...
    Publisher: Well, trout. Send it in and start working on the third!
  5. To me, it always boils down to the fact that 1) these people know much more about the market and its needs and 2) they'll do a lot more to actually get people interested in your book than you could ever do alone, so again, to me personally, the good outweighs the bad.
  6. I should probably look at agents, too, just to weigh all my options. But I really shouldn't be worrying myself about this until after I get my book finished. It's giving me unnecessary anxiety. I think about the whole process and it gets me worked up, and some of the stuff I read like with loss of creative control, editing choices being imposed, and not even getting choice of title or book cover makes me lean more towards self-publishing the more I read.
  7. Thanks! Although honestly, I'll be looking for an agent myself because to me the benefits outweigh the costs, but I'll keep tabs on this too!
  8. I just found this on Facebook today: Top 25 Publishers for New Authors. That list all the publishers you can contact if you're a new author without needing to go through an agent and what genres they specialize in. I have it bookmarked myself and thought you'd be interest in having a look, too.
  9. I heard that once and thought it was bulltrout. Though I tend to mix it up I still use said quite a bit. Though normally it's things like 'replied,' 'asked,' 'answered,' 'quipped,' 'interjected,' 'questioned,' 'interrupted,' where applicable. Said is my go to default when no other word really fits.
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