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  1. Wow, and I thought my chapters were long. I normally average 2k with the longest being 3k and the shortest being 1k. I didn't used to think those numbers were big, but I once had a published author act like 1k was long for a chapter, and while writing my Game of Thrones fanfic, which is how I developed this average, I never once had a single critic claim my chapters were too short.
  2. Yeah, I'm aiming for 90k as well, but I can already see I'll need to be making cuts. My first two chapters are 12k so far, but I've written them so long ago that I want to rewrite them from scratch anyway
  3. Thank you. I bookmarked the site for later.

    Yeah, I'm trying to keep it under the 100k mark. My goal for a while have been 90k so I should probably be getting ready to wrap this volume up (no way is the whole story being finished in one book, I've barely scratched the surface). Mainly because I read online the batting average for adult fiction was 90k and no higher than 100k like you mentioned.
  4. Congrats on getting so many words on your book!

    Pro-tip - if you want to publish the traditional way, aim for like under 100k words, but 60k is the minimum. For debut novels, if they're too long, publishers simply won't give you the time of day. You get more leeway once you're a published author that they know will sell (look at the Harry Potter books and how short they were at first and then grew in length with each installment).

    Also, how about joining Scribophile? There's tons of writers there, both beginning and professional that are motivated to give thorough critiques of your chapters and stuff through karma points that they can later use to post their own stuff. And don't worry, since you have to have an account to read the writings, this doesn't count as publishing and you will have no problem in getting it out later, legally speaking! I highly recommend it as it really helps you look at your writing from a different perspective.
  5. I'll pun your name all the same.
  6. I'm Fynn with a "y"

    Though Finn is a babe and thank you
  7. If you're Fynn, then who's Poe?
  8. It's almost as if I'm a mature adult, and I'm capable of enjoying things even if my friends don't.

    It's weird.
  9. I've tempered you, I see
  10. Aww. I feel bad for leaving, but it was probably a good thing for me to do.

    Never fear, 'cause I'm back and desensitize. Read you knocking FFX and didn't even flinch.
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