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  1. Quite.

    Still, good to see you back! I was going through the old marathon posts and thought it was sad that I used to have so many Ayen comments in there, but no more
  2. I concede defeat and dub thee Sir Postalot.
  3. Well, you've still a long way to go if you want to catch up to me

    I mean, you may catch up in the weekly top poster ranking, but on a yearly scale, I think I'm pretty much in the lead
  4. Ended. I kind of miss the Top ## List threads. It feels like people don't do them as much anymore.

    Sweet. I enjoyed IV and V was pretty good, too. I've been on a posting spree since coming back. I'm afraid EoFF has a bad case of Ayens now
  5. You mean, since it started or ended?

    I've also continued the marathon and it's currently on a short break after IV. Oh, and I also have a new art thread! Threads galore!
  6. I just realized it's been a year since your Top Games Thread.
    Wow, time flies.
  7. Yeah, it's a pain. Once I'm through with the rough draft I want to go through everything at least one before I start asking for feedback and trout. A beta reader would be nice, but right now I'm just focused on actually finishing it. That's the main thing I haven't been able to do since I finished an old Harry Potter fanfic that was terrible.
  8. Oh, so-so, I guess. I've joined this writing community called Scribophile and I'm working on a couple of shorts now. I'm also still working on one of my novels. I'm hoping to intensify the writing when I'm done playing Soul Hackers
  9. So.

    Since I've been away, and in the month of June alone, I've written 60,000+ words in a new original novel based off an old RP forum I hosted from 2011 through 2013. It's the most I've ever written in the fastest amount of time. And I used to think I couldn't do NaNoWriMo.

    How've your writing projects been?
  10. Yes.

    Thanks. I count myself lucky finding the YouTube partnership I did. Honestly thought it was a scam at first. For once something was legit. Which strangely enough was the name of the person who first told me about it. So you can see why I was skeptical.
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