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  1. I assume you mean Midgar Mist? That's good to hear! Hope the AdSense thing keeps working out!
  2. Anxious, but overall good. Found a way around my AdSense suspension, so I'm able to monetize my videos now. Relationship with Karen is steady. Physically healthy for the most part.
  3. Good! Yourself?
  4. Hi.

    Long time no chat, how've you been?
  5. Oh

  6. Wow, cool
  7. Not interested.
  8. psst

    The Love Story contest is on the way

    How about giving them a read and a vote here?
  9. -looks her up-

    I'm okay with this.
  10. Apparently Andrea Bowen also voiced Aerith in Dissidia 012, so I think it's safe to assume she's the first choice for the role at this point
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